IT Managed Services

In this modern day and age Information Technology is the back bone of any company, it might be as basic as having a company email or as complicated as it could get. Storing the data properly and having it available when needed is the first thing that a business requires.

We at HMA will provide you with the most suited system for your operational needs. We have a team of consultants that would analyze your business operation and would find an off the shelf ERP system or can provide a custom made ERP system that would serve you the best.

The reason we stand apart from others is that we have the in-depth knowledge of finance and accounting of our clients and know how and where the resources of the operations are being utilized. So using the same knowledge and deploying an ERP system that tracks and reports on the resource utilization of the business gives the decision makers live information to steer the company in much more managed fashion.

We assist with software deployment and staff training for our clients and provide post implementation support related to software and hardware. We have partnered up with seasoned market players in the IT industry and together we can provide your business with Managed IT solutions so you don’t have to worry a thing about it as we will be just a call away.